CreditAccess in Gaza City, Gaza - After registration

i discover after registration that all sites that to do work at home via are located in USA and restricted sites to be in USA , thanks and after i visit the site , i found broken links for bonus and extras also i could not type any survey because all of thess coamplanies announcments are just for americans citizen , but while in registration form all countries are selectable , and the did not mention that this job is for american or USA citizines , so i try to discalim but i could not find the reclaim fund form in order to use it could any one help me to overcome with this issue

Gaza City, Gaza
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CreditAccess in Irvine, California - We were also Screwed by

We were also screwed to we were promised that if we cancel within 90 days we would get a full refund of our $97 dollars.

After spending around $100 in online marketing for the website, we canceled well within our 90 day time frame but no response and no rebate. there is no number to contact them, and the only email we have we keep getting the same response. the same BS, we received your email and to fill out the cancel form. Same email over and over.

Do not trust this company. if No phone number, no address to look up. Chances are its fraud. We got screwed.

I hope you dont.

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Searching for a job while working on my master. Instructions were read throughly before card information released, surprizely, a $97.00 one time fee.

Five e-mails were sent-no response-no direct telephone line. I explained to this company I was a student with limited to no income, the funds this company removed were all the funds I had. This was explained in detail. It is obvious, there is no integrity.

A word to the wise - protect yourself - we live in a world - where there are heartless people living off of other people -- what you reap - you will sow.

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CreditAccess in Miami, Florida - Promissed to give me access to process rebate checks for companys

I was really excited about having a home based job of processing rebate checks. You just had to pay $97 and you would have full access to companys that were looking for rebate processors and you had a 100 percent refund guarantee if you canceled within 60 days.

Sounded like a really easy way to make extra cash and be able to spend time with my children during the summer. When I signed up for the program I noticed that the site that I was on directed me to a sight to sign up for credit cards. I immediately started sending e-mails to the company asking for my money back because I was in my time frame to get it back. It has been 60 days and I still don't have my refund.

Please do not fall for this like I did. It is a scam.

We need to find a way to report these people so this stops happening.



Bex, Vaud, Switzerland #17028

I wished I had looked into it further they got me to

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, United States #17022

thanks for postin gyour comments here... i change my mind after i read you post.

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CreditAccess in Reston, Virginia - Scam advertises in area flyers and newspapers, "HOME REFUND JOBS!" Earn $3,500-$5,000 weekly Processing Company Refunds on line. What you believe you are getting into or applying to do is completely the opposite. The ad eludes to "processing refunds" for customers, when in truth after they take your $97.00 via credit card for your application fees, you learn all you will be doing is sending out spam emails to your friends, relatives the majority of cases with your email address and/or name on it SOLICITING THEM FOR CREDIT CARDS. There is no "rebate processing," the term is totally misrepresented. should rather use the words or phrases "commissions earned" rather than rebate processing. I cannot overemphasize the due care and diligence one must utilize today, when dealing with such misleading ads. takes you immediately to a secure website where they immediately accept your Visa credit card for $97.00. You are then linked to another website obviously directly affiliated with by the name of This is actually the Company you have become a direct Member or employee.


Throughout three pages of introduction on's website, RebateWork "guarantees" and immediate refund or credit to your credit card account of your $97 application fee for any reason within the first 60 days of membership. I have been a Member less than 24 hrs. and want not my $97 credited back to my Visa card, but have requested all information provided to this Company extracted from their records.


I am also contacting the various newspapers and flyers in my area to make them aware of's deceptive and totally misleading ads. I am also contacting the Better Business Bureau, Dept. of Consumer Services and the State Attorney General's Office in Florida on these people.

I will keep you abreast as to how quickly I get my "guarantee" refund or $97 credit to my Visa card back.

Doug Benning, LPI, CMPA, CPAM





they ended up charging my account $104.91 which was more than expected so my account is now over withdrawn the website does not seem to work anymore so i guess they shut it down. bad news i cant ask them for refund so i guess ill have to go to back.

Westbourne Park, South Australia, Australia #37015

I was also screwed by Creditacces. I will call my bank and have them presue them.

im out about 197 because I spent 100 dollars on marketing my f*in website. : (


I was also scammed by I'm making sure they don't get anyone else.

Homer City, Pennsylvania, United States #8096

i still havn't get my refund.. its almost two months now..what can i do?

Roslyn, New York, United States #5871

I did receive a refund. Go to the institution in which you used to pay for the program.

They will connect you with the merchant who originally debited your account. Request a refund from them.

They will work with you. I had my refund in under 3 days.

Good Luck and Best Regards

Roslyn, New York, United States #5637

The best way to get your refund back is to go through the merchant agency, i.e., your bank or crediting agency and have them pursue the refund request. If for some reason, your bank or crediting agency gets no reply from them ( or sees they are not cooperating, the the bank or crediting agency will issue the refund or credit back to your card themselves. Good luck!!

Roslyn, New York, United States #5625

I too am a victim of this program. I've been trying for 3 weeks now to get my refund back.

The 60th day was on March 1st, 2008. I have yet to receive a response email to my requests.

Islip, New York, United States #5442

how am i going to get back my 97 dollars.... is there somebody who got there money back?.. can we sue them for it?

a gullible victim..

Goffstown, New Hampshire, United States #4861

Debes buscar otro trabajo

Chesterfield, Missouri, United States #4339

yo deseo trabajar en casa

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